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The Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal introduced the "Krishak Bandhu" Scheme w.e.f. Ist January, 2019 to support farmers financially during pre-production stage to make agriculture profitable for them and to give income protection to farm-families in case of farmer's untimely demise.

The scheme was revamped and launched as Krishak Bandhu (Natun) vide notification no.741-AG/O/9M(Nab)-70/2021on 17th June, 2021 thereby doubling the financial assistance to the farmers. Under the new scheme, every enrolled farmer will get financial assistance of Rs. 10000/- per annum for one acre (100 decimal) or more of cultivable land. Farmers having less than one acre of land will be eligible for assistance on pro rata basis subject to a minimum of Rs. 4000/- per annum per farmer. The financial assistance will be given in two equal installments, one in Kharif and the other in Rabi season.

Under Krishak Bandhu (Death Benefit) component, in the event of death of a farmer /recorded Bhagchasi (Share-cropper) in the age group of 18-60 years, the legal heirs of the deceased will be eligible for one time grant of Rs. 2,00,000/-(Rupees Two Lakh) only.

Krishak Bandhu

Services to be available at Duare Sarkar camps:

i)Enrolment of new farmers.

ii) Collection of rectified Aadhar information of farmers having Aadhar data and Capturing of Aadhar information of famers having no Aadhar Data and subsequently Bio-authentication of the data so collected/captured.

iii) Collection/ Correction of farmer's mobile number linked with bank a/e based on OTP generated in the said Mobile number so that farmers may get updated information of successful transaction of Krishak Bandhu assistance and other related information.

iv) Physical verification of bank accounts and accordingly updating in KB portal for existing beneficiaries.

v) Correction of farmer's particulars and land details of KB enrolled farmers.

vi) Facilitating mutation of land records and updating RoR of self-declared KB enrolled farmers.

vii) Application and facilitation of Krishak Bandhu (Death Benefit) claims.

viii) Familiarisation with the Whatsapp ChatBOT information services (krishak Bandhu Whatsapp  No.9830383383) of Krishak Bandhu (Natun) and others schemes.

ix) Deletion of database in cases of Dead beneficiary / Not traceable beneficiary / Invalid accounts not corrected / Agricultural land sold out/ Duplicate beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria for new enrolment:

All farmers having cultivable land with RoR/ Patta/ Forest Patta and recorded Bhagchasi (Share Cropper) are eligible for getting assistance under this scheme. Legal heirs of bonafide farmers who do not have ROR in their names may also apply for assistance with available documents and a "self-declaration" (in prescribed format in Annexure -IA) regarding their ownership of cultivable land along with Warisan certificate. The farmer can apply for enrolment in the Block area where his EPIC exists. Cultivable land owned by the applicant in other Block/District will be considered in the same application.

Detailed process flow of Registration at "Duare Sarkar" Camp:

1. Application Forms in prescribed format shall be made available at the DS camp.

2. The farmer has to fill up the application form with the following documents (Original for verification & one self signed photocopy to be attached with the application):

  • RoR of Cultivable Land/Registered Barga Deed/ Patta Record/Forest Patta
  • Aadhaar Card (Mandatory)
  • Voter ID card (EPIC) (Mandatory)
  • Pass Book 1 page of valid Bank Account Cancelled Cheque of any scheduled Commercial Bank(THE SECOND SCHEDULE TO THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ACT, 1934) with CBS facility. The account should be a normal one (not Jaan Dhan account), Aadhaar seeded and operative].
  • Mobile Number (linked to bank a/c and Aadhaar) (Mandatory).

3. Support staff designated by the Asst. Director of Agriculture (ADA) of the respective Block will be present on the KB desk in the camp equipped with smart phone, computer, scanner, printer etc. to assist the farmers. In case of mobile camps such facilities to be provided on mobile units to be used in camps.

4. Duare Sarkar camp registration will have to be done at Agriculture Counter if the visitor does not have URN (Unique Registration number) of Duare Sarkar, the URN that will be generated should be entered in the space for writing "Enrolment Number." in the application form.

 5. In case of incomplete application, a checklist (Annexure-IIA) showing deficiencies in the same shall be given to the applicant for information and compliance.

6. The support staff will first enter the Duare Sarkar registration no. (if any) of the applicant in the space provided for writing "Enrollment Number" on the KB application form. He will then capture photo of the new farmer and digitize physical application on the spot through KB App and upload in the KB Portal to generate farmer's Acknowledgement ID which he will enter in the counterfoil of the application and hand it over to the farmer.

7. In case of beneficiaries submitting self-declaration and Warisan certificate (as notified vide notification no. 1324-AG/O/9M(Nab)-22/2019 dated. 24/12/2020),the hard copy of applications received should be handed over to the adjacent BL&LRO counter at the Duare Sarkar camp for verification. After verification and approval by the BL&L.RO, the application will be uploaded in KB Portal. The KB counter staff will facilitate formal application for mutation of agricultural land at the Land & Land Reforms counter as per their SOP.

8. In case the new applicant has acquired cultivable land from an existing KB beneficiary, necessary corrections of land details of the said existing beneficiary including area of cultivable land registered in his/her name in KB portal should be done by the ADA suo moto. Particulars of the source farmer like KBID and other details need to be submitted in such cases. A declaration stating that the source land owner is a KB beneficiary / not a KB beneficiary has to be submitted by the new applicant, in all new enrollment case. A format prescribed for such declaration in Annexure - B.

9. The existing KB beneficiaries should be suitably informed about any changes in their particulars including land details by a formal communication.

10. Acknowledgement ID will be generated for all valid applications received at the camp and will be approved by the ADA of the blocks. Those cases will then be uploaded in the portal and will be available to SNO end through the DDA(Admn) of the districts with necessary checking on KB Portal system. SNO will then send the data to Bank (WBSCB) for validation process of Bank Account. On receipt of valid response of the bank account KB ID will be generated for every newly enrolled farmer. A system generated SMS indicating the KB ID No. will automatically go to the farmer's registered mobile number confirming his/her enrolment.

11. Full scale capturing of Aadhaar information for Bio authentication, Aadhaar linked mobile information, Aadhar seeded bank a/c information and consent of beneficiaries for allowing the Government to use Aadhaar information will be done in the this Duare Sarkar Programme. Following steps shall be taken in this regard.

  • Blocks will download from the portal the list of beneficiaries without Aadhaar as well as having not bio authenticated information and inform the beneficiaries (SMS/direct contact) to approach the DS camps. Camp wise beneficiary allocation may be made beforehand for better management of works. 
  • Beneficiaries will submit a filled up format (Annexure-A) along with a copy of self signed Aadhaar Card. The format will also contain the beneficiary consent about use of Aadhaar information.
  • The above format may also be used for capturing consent of beneficiaries
  • whose Aadhaar information has been captured earlier in portal without consent.
  • KB support staff will enter the information as submitted by the beneficiaries through their log in and keep record for subsequent reporting.
  • ADA Block will approve every modification made in KB data. The correctness of data entry shall be ensured as this information will be validated later from appropriate authority.
12. A Whatsapp Chatbot information services (Whatsapp No.9830383383) has been introduced to extend help to the enrolled farmers to get information on payments made under Krishak Bandhu, Bank A/c, Mobile No. and land particulars etc. of beneficiaries. Information on Bangla Shashya Bima Yojana (BSBY), Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana (BKSY) application and other services of Agriculture Department are also available on this

13. The blocks will also take initiative to sanctify the KB database by deletion of beneficiary record of the following kinds:

a) Dead beneficiary

b) Not traceable beneficiary

c) Invalid accounts not corrected

d) Agricultural land sold out

e) Duplicate beneficiaries

Proper documents should be maintained for office record in all such cases and proper reason must be given for deletion from portal.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

1. What documents are required for enrollment under "Krishak Bandhu. (Natun)" scheme?

 Ans: Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, RoR/ Self Declaration with Land Documents & Warison Certificate, Bank pass book 1 page and last page/Cancelled Cheque (Original & 1 photocopy)and Bank account and Aadhaar linked mobile number. Bank account should be with any scheduled Commercial Bank/State Cooperative Bank / District Cooperative Bank / Gramin Bank only. The account should be a normal one (not Jaan Dhan account), Aadhaar seeded and operative.

2. What is the application procedure?

Ans: The farmer will have to fill up the Application Form in Bengali (Nepali/English for Hills)and Self Declaration (if needed) and submit at KB desk to the designated officials at the camp.

3. Will I get a receipt upon submitting my application?

Ans: Yes, the designated staff will give the counter part of your application form after entering the Acknowledgement ID generated from KB Portal for future reference.

4. How much financial assistance will a beneficiary get?

Ans: Under the new scheme, every enrolled farmer will get a financial assistance of Rs. 10000/- per annum for one acre or more of cultivable land. payable in two equal installments for Kharif & Rabi seasons. Farmers having less than one acre of land will be eligible for assistance on pro rata basis subject to a minimum of Rs. 4000/- per annum per farmer.

5. What is the mode of payment?

Ans: Payment of eligible assistance will be done through DBT in the Bank A/c of the beneficiary.

6. How a farmers will get the information of payment done to him.

Ans. Information of payment is provided through SMS on registered mobile No., if provided, and added to KB portal. Besides, farmers may get the information of payment done (amount, date of payment, season of payment etc.) through Whatsapp ChatBOT information services (krishak Bandhu status Whatsapp  No.9830383383) using his/her KB ID/Aadhar No./ Mobile No./Epic No. The same may be obtained from Krishak Bandhu portal.

7. In case of non receipt of payment what should a farmer do?

Ans. In case of failure transaction of payment or in case of invalid accounts farmers may contact with the block ADA for assistance.


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